Importance of Tree Weight Reduction

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Is the canopy of your tree getting dense? Though it might appear lush and full, it is vital to have your tree pruned by an expert tree service company for weight reduction every 2 years. Of course, there is a reason for this.  

For those who don’t know, weight reduction is a trimming method that includes the mild reduction of the tree’s lateral branches. You are maintaining the structural integrity, natural form, and good health of a tree if you lower its spread through selective branch removal. You’ve got to keep in mind that we used the word selective here.  

A professional Prescott valley tree service has to be extremely cautious not to get rid of branches that are vital to the tree’s support structure. A couple of branches create the tree’s foundation, just like walls in your home. Getting rid of them will endanger the stability of the tree. 

Also, it is crucial not to get rid of huge portions of the tree at a time. The reason for this is that it will affect how wind passes through. If done wrong, your tree might be more vulnerable to storm damage. Getting rid of around 10-15% is ideal.  

If you conduct tree weight reduction every 2 years, here are a couple of benefits you can get: 

  • Introduce more sunlight for you and other plants under the tree. 
  • Lower interference with nearby property and power lines.  
  • Maintain the appearance and health of a tree. 
  • Lower storm damage by enabling more wind to pass through. 

To guarantee that your tree is not damaged in a storm, weight reduction is the main preventative measure. The reason for this is that the method enables the wind to pass through the tree instead of pushing up against foliage and branches. Usually, this kind of force can often topple and strain a tree.  

An expert tree service company is trained to identify what branches to get rid of to improve the core stability of your tree and enable the wind to pass through.  

In addition to that, trees usually do not always grow where or how we want them to. That’s one crucial thing that you should know about trees. This is especially true in urban places. The reason for this is that trees are competing for sunlight. Thus, branches have a tendency to grow further out than they usually would. Over time, branches will eventually become unstable and weak.  

Getting rid of unwieldy limbs through weight reduction trimming will help keep your tree looking excellent and in great shape. It helps the tree puts back its energy into limbs that are vital to maintaining its core strength.  

To make things simple, weight reduction is a process that can help you live with your tree harmoniously for a lot of years to come, even if you live in an urban area. 

When it comes to weight reduction trimming, do not hesitate to call a professional arborist for help. This is not a DIY task since you’ll need the right knowledge and skills to do it properly.  

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