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Common Myths in Fitness

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Nowadays, there are a lot of myths about fitness. Some of them are misunderstandings, while others are simply misinformation. It can be extremely hard to weed out fiction from facts.  

If you’re enrolled in a weight loss or weight gain program Fort Wayne and trying to look for some tips online, you might end up reading myths. That’s why we are here to help. 

Today, we are going to share with you some common fitness myths.  

Getting Abs Require More Sit-Ups 

You have probably heard the phrase “Abs are made in the kitchen” if you’ve been working out with a professional fitness trainer. For most workout tips and exercise programs, the ideal workout choices and routine varies on a lot of various factors.  

You need to pay attention to what you’re putting inside your body if you want abs, unless you’re gifted genetically. There are a lot of reasons why core strength is extremely vital. It helps with movement, injury prevention, and posture. Most movements you do involve your core muscles, from pulling to pushing to sitting up straight.  

Fat and muscle aren’t interchangeable. You’re helping to strengthen your abs if you do ab workouts. However, your fat will still cover your strong abs. Fat doesn’t turn into muscle and muscle doesn’t turn into fat. Eating healthy is the only way if you want to lower your body fat percentage. 

You’ll Become Bulky If You Lift Weights 

Lifting weights will help you build muscle. However, building muscle does not mean your size will also increase. If you’re a woman who wants to be strong but don’t like a bulky body, don’t worry. It’s extremely hard for almost every woman to increase their muscle size since their bodies generate less testosterone.  

The truth is that lifting weights really help women who want to lose weight. This is because lifting weights will help a person burn more calories by improving their lean muscle mass. You will burn more calories every day if you’ve got more lean muscle mass. Aside from that, you can tone your legs and arm if you lift weights. One ideal way to enhance your fitness routine is to integrate weights.  

Your Workout Must Not Be Working Since You’re Gaining Weight 

Your body goes through a lot of adjustments and changes when you start a new workout routine. This is particularly true if it is your first time. A lot of the adjustments and changes do not happen overnight. Most people expect to lose weight right away. However, that isn’t the case. You shouldn’t lose patience. If you’re gaining weight while working out, the reason is probably water weight. You’ll probably be sore and your body is working hard to heal after a couple of exercises. Because of this, water retention happens due to the healing process of your body. Water retention can cause weight gain. That is why it is extremely vital that you should be patient. Excellent body changes require time and the most vital thing you can do is to be consistent.  

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